Authors:Brian McKenna
Time:1:20 pm - 2:00 pm

Roy is an altJS language ( While he was compiling the list of languages, he played with lots of them, and none of them satisfied his

Writing correct JavaScript is hard, partially because everything is mutable. So Roy is CoffeeScript meets OCaml meets Haskell.

console.log “Hello World”

console.log (“Hello World”);

Roy is statically typed:

console.log ("40" + 2)

Won’t work in Roy – incompatible types.

let f x : Number = x

Defines a function f which takes a Number x and returns a Number (inferred in this case).

Roy preserves comments in your source.

You can also do “static duck typing”: extensible records. You can specify which properties an object needs to have, then anything with those properties can be used.

This lets Roy provide pattern matching.

Roy provides a module system. When compiling to a browser module, those are assigned to the global scope. But you can also compile to CommmonJS, which will use the require system, as well as an async module def.

Future of Roy

  • Functional Lenses
  • Deferred type errors

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