Visi: Cultured and DistributedΒΆ

Authors:David Pollak (@dpp)
Time:5:10 pm - 5:50 pm

In a lot of fields there’s a tension between compatibility and innovation: how much do you do that’s comfortable and familiar, and how much do you try to push the bounds of what can be done.

[ Demonstration of Mesa. ]

[ Demonstration of Visi. ]

Visi delineates computing modes: sinks (output), sources (input), and references. Things that don’t have side effects can be freely moved around. The delineation means there’s a clear place to check if there have been changes, and check for serialization safety.

Visi allows you to write a Markdown document with prose and model interleaved. Just write the document as Markdown and put your Visi code in fences.

[This sounds a lot like Python docstrings, and the way Zope was using them during the 3.X days.]

Visi has full type inference, so it won’t display prompts for the values until it can infer what the types should be.

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